Two Laps for Two Cats

After the whole episode with Cleo and Root Beer, a story for another day, we had decided that two laps meant only two cats and those two cats were Twiggy and Twursula.

Shebee on the ledgeThen came Sheba. Sheba is our vampire cat. She has long black fur, very long legs and cute little fangs. She is built very differently than any of the other black devils or any of the other cats for that matter. When she first decided to adopt us, almost a year ago, we only saw her in the evenings and I joked that she was a vampire! I would catch her sneaking in the doggy door at night for food. A few weeks later, I saw her out on the Cat Freeway during the early morning.

Sheba would sit outside on the patio and cry if she knew we were in the house! I broke down and fed her a couple of times on the patio thinking that I could get her to live out there. I probably shouldn’t have but as Jenna has said, I am a cave woman; I cave easily to the cats. But she was so sad. It wasn’t long before she was coming and going as if she owned the place. The girls were not amused. They did not want her in their house, especially Twursula who likes to growl at all other cats. I would get up to find Sheba sleeping on the sofa or on Amara’s bed. At first, she would jump up and run outside. That didn’t last long.

Amara was thrilled when I told her Sheba had been sleeping on her bed. Amara wanted so much to make friends with her. She made posters to put up in the neighborhood for a missing cat. When Sheba ran when Amara tried to approach her, Amara made a card for Sheba to introduce herself so Sheba wouldn’t be afraid.

One day I decided that it wasn’t right to call her Sheba, we didn’t know if she was a boy or a girl so I renamed her Shebee. We still don’t know if she is a girl or not but we refer to her as a she, maybe because T&T are girls, it just makes it easier to call them all the girls. Maybe it is because of her beautiful fur or because of how affectionate she is but she seems very feminine. She loves to bump up against your hand and she runs like a beautiful colt.

A few months ago, Twiggy was hurt really badly and had to have surgery and stitches. Her doctor said she had to stay inside until she was healed and the stitches were removed. This meant keeping both Twiggy and Twursula in the house for 17 days. Twiggy and Twursula had always been able to come and go so this was hard on both of them. They’d never even used a litter box before but they adjusted to it right away, the staying inside part made us all miserable. We had hoped that by locking T&T in and locking Shebee out that maybe she would go find a new home. I lasted 1 day before feeding her on the patio. I couldn’t let her starve! But I did keep her outside.

When Twiggy was finally recovered, we decided that bringing our girls in at night was a good idea. We really liked knowing where they were all night and being able to find them the minute we woke up. We also knew that we could not simply keep them locked in the house. They loved their life outside and we love sharing it with them. This plan has worked out about 6 nights out of 7. About once a week Twiggy decides she is NOT coming in for the night and hides underneath my car where we can’t get her. Shebee has adjusted pretty well to the new plan, too. She spends most of her days inside and while she won’t just go outside when you tell her to, she does let us scoop her up before bed and put her outdoors. She is always outside the slider waiting for us in to get up in the morning. I feed T&T inside while I make the coffee and then once they are finished I open the door to let them out and Shebee in. Twursula growls as they pass by but for the most part, they have all learned to at least tolerate each other. I don’t know why I feel the need to make sure that T&T know that they come first, but I do. I wish we could find Shebee a new home but until we do, we make pretty good foster parents.Shebee in the backyard

About Kc

Kc is the Mom to 3 cats and lives in sunny Southern California. The Cat Freeway runs through her backyard and brings with it lots of guest cats and the occasional opossum and lizard!
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5 Responses to Two Laps for Two Cats

  1. Sandy says:

    You and Rich are great foster parents for Shebee. She’s very lucky to have adopted you!

  2. Penny says:

    You take such great pictures of cats that are inherently very difficult to photograph. What’s your secret? If you say patience, I’ll never make it.

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