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Houdini Cat

Today was Harry Houdini’s 137th birthday and I think that Twiggy has been channeling him recently! Houdini was known for his ability to escape locks and chains but I doubt that even he could get out of a collar quicker … Continue reading

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The Sky is Falling

It isn’t often that Southern California gets a thunder storm. So it isn’t surprising that even though Twiggy and Twursula will be 6 years old on April 1st, last night was their first experience with thunder and lightning and they … Continue reading

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I love You Kitty. Did You Just SPRAY ME?!?!?!

All cats have good habits and bad habits. My cats are no different. They can be the most loving creatures one minute and the next complete devils! This is the story of a complete devil!!! I was sitting on the … Continue reading

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Freeway Update

Usually when I glance out at the Cat Freeway I will see a familiar cat. It isn’t often that I see a new cat in the neighborhood. So when I thought I saw a brown cat on the freeway I … Continue reading

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