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Is Uri going bald?

Uri, who was named after the Upper Respiratory Infection that he had when the Kids got him began to lose some of his beautiful black fur last week. Just some little patches at first but by yesterday Uri looked like … Continue reading

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I’ve been very Brave

Oh, it is definitely springtime in Southern California! This morning as I was closing the slider Shebee came bursting in the doggy door with a bird in her mouth! NO! Not another bird! I do understand that it is spring … Continue reading

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Spring has Sprung

Twiggy brought us her first lizard of the season! The last few days it has been in the 90s here in Southern California and the cats have all been out enjoying the sunshine. Twursula has even gotten off of the … Continue reading

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Sibling Rivalry

Animals are really no different than children, they each want to be the center of attention! Cats claim to be aloof but if you happen to even notice another cat you will get their attention. It may not always show … Continue reading

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