Birds and Mice Beware!

Hunting Season is Open

Shebee has been very busy this week and I think she may have gotten a little help from Twiggy. Twursula of course slept through everything. A few days ago I found Shebee in the front room with a mouse. The mouse was very much alive and sitting up chattering, maybe this is a mouse thing and I just didn’t know it. I grabbed my red plastic coffee can and my trusty dustpan and scooped up the little guy. I took him out front to the curb and let him go. He seemed a bit stunned from the coffee can trip but I felt confident he would make it. I went back in the house to find Shebee searching everywhere for that mouse.

A few hours later I hear noises in the kitchen and I go out to find a little mouse sitting up chattering away only this time to both Shebee and Twiggy! It may have been the same mouse and it was certainly lecturing my cats. I was doing same thing — do not bring mice into the house! Again I got the coffee can and dustpan — and this time I took the little guy and put him under the bushes.

Next day I find this little pile of feathers in our bedroom. Why do they insist on taking their trophies to our bedroom? All cats are in their places sleeping and no one seems to have feathers hanging out of their mouths and I cannot find the bird anywhere, which I’m not happy about as I am imagining it somewhere that I am going to find it when I’m not expecting to or it is somewhere and will eventually start to smell.

I found it the next day behind the kitty kondo, coffee can and dustpan to the rescue. Grampy asked if there was a proud cat sitting next to it? NO! They had completely forgotten about that bird. It had ceased to entertain them and so was no longer any fun and had been left behind.

Then this morning as Grampy and I sat and watched the news, in comes Shebee with another/same mouse only this time it is dead, very dead. I’m so glad Grampy was there to handle the coffee can and dustpan and get it to the outside dumpster!

It’s official. Shebee is getting a collar with a bell! Those critters need some warning when she is hunting.

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Kc is the Mom to 3 cats and lives in sunny Southern California. The Cat Freeway runs through her backyard and brings with it lots of guest cats and the occasional opossum and lizard!
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