Giving Peace a Chance

Twiggy and Shebee are really starting to get along. I have caught them bird hunting together and out in the backyard playing. In the evenings Shebee will come and lay down near Twiggy and you can tell that she just wants to play. Twiggy has been very good about sharing our bed with Shebee for their afternoon naps.

Twiggy and Shebee share our bed

And then there is Twursula. We have started calling her Grumposaurus Rex. She is the softest little plush toy kitty and just loves to be petted and can out purr any cat. She is wonderfully sweet (most of the time) if you are human but if you are another cat — she really will rip your face off! She will sit right in front of the doggy door and intimidate whoever is on the other side of it. She will growl and hiss if anyone comes near the food or water when she is eating/drinking. And the other day when all 3 of them were in the bathroom with me I was afraid — very afraid of having my legs ripped apart by accident.

And then the other day — this happened. I don’t think we quite have peace yet but we are having the occasional truce.

Twursula share Amara's bed with Shebee

About Kc

Kc is the Mom to 3 cats and lives in sunny Southern California. The Cat Freeway runs through her backyard and brings with it lots of guest cats and the occasional opossum and lizard!
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One Response to Giving Peace a Chance

  1. Sandy says:

    Awwww … it’s good to see them hanging out together. Maybe Twiggy convinced Twursula that Shebee isn’t such a bad kitty and she should give her a chance. I’m so glad you decided to let Shebee adopt you! She’s such a sweet girl!

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