Gus, the Gentle Hunter

Gentle Gus the Hunter All the cats were outside enjoying a beautiful morning. I decided to go out and work in the flower beds for a while. As I walked from the back of the garage to the flower bed in the back yard, I noticed all the cats were laying in the grass near the deck. Such a peaceful sight they were. I called Gus to come over and see me. He immediately got up and came toward me – and then stopped and I could tell he had something in his mouth! I started to walk toward him to see what he had. He put it down and I could see it was a bird!!! I started running toward him telling him to leave it alone. He didn’t try to pick it up again and seemed so proud to show off his prize to me. I scolded him and told him NO BIRDS and picked the little bird up in my hands. It was a baby robin. It’s mother was in a nearby tree and she was frantic! I didn’t see any blood on the little bird and it seemed more than anything to just be frightened and stunned. So now I’ve got this little bird in my hands and 4 cats circling like sharks looking for it. Gus especially couldn’t figure out what happened to his trophy. I wanted to get the little bird back to his mother as quickly as I could. I couldn’t put the bird down until the cats were inside – and they weren’t about to go in on their own. I called for Mark to come out and help me – which was kind of silly seeing as he still has to use a cane to walk. I finally came up with the solution – I asked him to bring out a cardboard box for me to put the little bird in until I could wrangle all the cats and get them inside.

Once I got them all in the house, I listened for mama bird – she had disappeared. Great! Now what do I do with the little bird? I took him out near the flower bed and opened the box. He wanted out! As soon as he saw there was an opening he was trying to hop out! He took off hopping toward the woods. His wings seemed to work all right – he was trying to fly but not getting much lift. I think it was because he just didn’t quite have the hang of it yet. I walked back to the house and within just a few minutes, I saw mommy bird swooping near him and giving him encouragement. He hopped into the woods and I hope he was okay. Thank goodness Gus likes to play with his hunting victims rather than eat them.

Bird Award

About Grama Sandy

Grama Sandy is Mom to 5 cats and lives in a beautiful home out in the country in Michigan.
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  1. Amara's Grampy says:

    Guess why Kathryn wasn’t allowed to look at me after I read this. DON’T ANSWER.

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