How to Attack a Coke Box

You know how parents always say that the best toys for babies aren’t the ones you buy but are things you have around the house? Like a pot and a wooden spoon. I think its the same way with cats and cat toys. Every cat I have ever known has been infatuated with boxes.

Platy loves to squeeze into a shoebox

But Platy is Queen of the Boxes

If Platy hears a new box come into her house she will claim it as her own. She is of the firm belief that “the men in brown” are delivery men whose purpose is to deliver boxes for cats not boxes for humans! If the box stays sealed Platy will sit on it. Once opened, she will climb into it. Platy loves a good box.

Platy lays flat in her box

Platy is a polydactyl and her front feet look like mittens

Thumbers in a box

Upside down Thumbs in his box

Platy gave her love of boxes to her son Thumbers. She also gave him his big feet.

Laying claim to the box!

Check out all those toes!

Twiggy and Twursula love boxes but they are partial to Coke boxes. The two of them will play together with a coke box for hours, the noises are hysterical and much sibling rivalry goes on.

Twursula waits for Twiggy to get out of the box

Twursula is not amused.

They love the long slim 12 pack box; they can charge head first into that box and run it down the hallway. I have seen Twiggy charge it and get the box stuck on her head and then shake the box off. We have small plastic letters on the front of our refrigerator that used to be toys for our granddaughter. They are also toys for Twiggy. She likes to pull them off the frig and bat them around like she is playing air hockey and she loves getting one of them into the box! Score one for Twiggy!

Is Twurusla leaping over the box or leaping on to Twiggy's head?

Twursula plays leap frog

The new 24 pack coke box allows for extra room inside and all kinds of new games.

There's Twursula! She is hiding

Has anyone seen Twursula?

This is where Twursula excels. She loves to crawl into the box and look out at you. She just barely fits anymore. She also loves destroying the box! Twursula can be vicious.

Demon Cat attacks Coke Box

I am not a Demon Cat but I will destroy this box.

She will twist and turn until she is completely upside down and then she will start attacking the box with her teeth and her feet. She chews and growls while her feet twitch and attack. Vicious AND fierce.

hmmmmm... should I come out and attack those toes?

Maybe I want those toes to nibble on.

It is wonderful to watch but no one and nothing is safe once they start playing.

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Kc is the Mom to 3 cats and lives in sunny Southern California. The Cat Freeway runs through her backyard and brings with it lots of guest cats and the occasional opossum and lizard!
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4 Responses to How to Attack a Coke Box

  1. Sandy says:

    Our cats love boxes, too! They’re better than most cat toys. Paper grocery bags are also fun! We never get tired of watching them go crazy with them!

    • Kc says:

      They really do seem to enjoy it. I have the fabric grocery bags and Shebee LOVES to sit on top of them. Don’t know why? Guess a bag is a bag!

  2. amara says:

    do not eat my toes! BAD KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. amara says:

    BAD KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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