I love You Kitty. Did You Just SPRAY ME?!?!?!

All cats have good habits and bad habits. My cats are no different. They can be the most loving creatures one minute and the next complete devils! This is the story of a complete devil!!!

I was sitting on the couch minding my own business. I had just had surgery on my foot a couple of days before. I heard Thumbs headed ┬ámy way and I was please as punch. Having just had the foot surgery I wasn’t super mobile so I was happy that he was coming to see me. I called him up on the couch and he jumped right up. Of course he wouldn’t come to me. He wanted to hang out by my feet! I started do something else when all of the sudden I smelled pee really strong and then something wet hit my face (!!!!!), arm, and chest area. I was mortified to discover that my precious had just sprayed me!!! In honesty he meant to spray the couch/blanket, but he over shot, and hit me instead. I nearly threw up. I got up and hobbled to the bathroom to wash his man spray off me and there in the mirror I could see a big drop (more like 4 drops!) on my forehead!!!! Needless to say I was not happy and I didn’t talk to Thumbs for like a day. It’s hard being mad at the cats, but he SPRAYED ME!!!!

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Jenna lives in southern California with her 4 cats and 2 dogs. She is also wife and Mom and an amazing cook! Check out her cooking blog! Jenna's Random Thoughts and Recipes
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