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Jake is the son of our cat, Fiona, and his brother, Gus is also a member of our family. Jake is three years old now and he was born early in the morning on a cold March day in our jacuzzi tub. I was blessed to be there and witness the birth of 3 beautiful kittens. Our intention was to find good homes for all the kittens. We already had three cats and we were afraid keeping three more would qualify us as crazy cat people. As it turned out, we could only find a home for Jake and Gus’ sister, Lucy. She went to a wonderful home of a good friend of ours where she is very happy and loved deeply.


Jake is a beautiful black and white Maine Coon-looking boy with gorgeous golden eyes. He’s got long legs and a long body. When he stands on his hind legs he is able to reach over the edge of the counter top. We have an island in our kitchen and if you are on the opposite side when he does this, it’s hilarious to see a big white fluffy paw patting around trying to find something to grab onto! He weighs about 16 pounds and has beautiful, long, soft black and white hair. He is very social and playful and loving. He loves all the other cats, but his best buddy is his brother, Gus. They play together and wrestle and chase each other through the house until they wear themselves out. He also loves to curl up with his mother and sleep with her. She is still very loving and gentle with both of her boys.

Jake, like a couple of our other cats, loves water, except he likes to play in the water dish. He splashes those big furry feet of his in the dish and water goes everywhere! And he likes to stick his head under the bathroom faucet and let the water run down his face. He also likes to wander around the back yard hunting with his mom and brother. Playing with the laser light is his biggest joy in life! If he hears the little click that the laser pointer makes when we turn it on, he just goes crazy until he finds that red dot!! He hogs it so much that the other cats don’t get a chance to play, so sometimes we try to be sneaky with it while he sleeps in another room. It doesn’t work. He can be in the deepest sleep and still hear that little click. Within seconds he’s wide awake and looking for that light!

About Grama Sandy

Grama Sandy is Mom to 5 cats and lives in a beautiful home out in the country in Michigan.
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2 Responses to Jake’s Hijinks

  1. Kc says:

    Jake is such a gorgeous cat! Isn’t it amazing how cats from the same litter can looks so different and have such different personalities, too? I would just love to see him standing at your kitchen island!

  2. Sandy says:

    I could take a video, but it would be much better if you were here in person! We need to work on that!

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