Kamikaze Ozzy

Ozzy has beautiful blue eyes Ozzy came to us when we found him at a friend’s restaurant hanging around the back door and roaming through the parking lot. He appeared to be about three months old. He was so beautiful with pure white fur and amazing blue eyes. We already had one cat at home, Harley, who was about 5 months old, and a 150 pound dog, Sam. It seemed like a good idea to bring home a friend for Harley to play with. Ozzy settled into the family with no problem at all. He loved Harley and Sam instantly and made himself right at home. It took Harley a few weeks to warm up to Ozzy. He truly hated him at first and there was a lot of hissing and grumpiness. One day I found them both sleeping on the couch together – at opposite ends, but being in the same room together was a plus. Within no time they were playing and wrestling together until they were both exhausted. Then we’d find them curled up together on the couch sleeping like two little angels.

We were telling some friends about how beautiful Ozzy was with his blue eyes and white fur. They asked if he was deaf. We’d never really given it a thought until they mentioned it, but some things began to make sense. He has an unusually loud meow and sometimes it didn’t really sound like a meow. It was more like a bird screeching. We tested his hearing a few times by making some kind of loud noise while he was sleeping or looking the other direction. He had no reaction at all. As time went by, we noticed more and more quirky things about Ozzy. As Harley and Ozzy grew older their wrestling matches got a little more fierce. Sometimes we would hear an ear piercing howl come from Ozzy. It sounded like someone had stepped on his tail. For a couple of months we were scolding Harley for attacking Ozzy. One day we happened to see them in action. The screech we were hearing was Ozzy attacking Harley! He hunches down and waits for Harley to turn his back, and when the time is right he lets out his war whoop and launches himself on top of Harley. Even after 4 years of this, it still makes us jump a mile when he lets out that ear piercing shriek.

Ozzy has a lot of other quirks that make him very unique. For instance, since he can’t hear, he doesn’t mind the vacuum cleaner. In fact, when he sees that I’m vacuuming, he lays down on the carpet in front of it and wants to play. His favorite thing is to lay in front of the vacuum where the warm air blows out while I use the attachment hose to vacuum him. It’s a great time to brush him too. With his thick, long hair it’s easy to just suck up the hair I brush out of him.

Ozzy’s nickname is Kamikaze Ozzy because he’s a little crazy and unpredictable. He will be 4 years old on the 4th of July. I have tons of Ozzy tales and photos to share so come back soon!

About Grama Sandy

Grama Sandy is Mom to 5 cats and lives in a beautiful home out in the country in Michigan.
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