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Lucy came to us when her mother, Fiona, (who was a stray that adopted us) blessed us with a surprise litter of 3 beautiful kittens, Lucy, Gus, and Jake. I was so blessed to be there to witness their birth and watch them as they grew. Having energetic kittens in the house is something everyone should experience at least once!!

All the kittens were precious, but Lucy really stole my heart that first day. She was the last one born and poor Fiona was exhausted by the time it was Lucy’s turn – and she ignored her completely. I felt so bad for the little thing as she laid there cold and wet and helpless. I wrapped her in a soft towel and gently dried her off. I was worried that maybe Fiona knew something I didn’t know and maybe this little one wasn’t going to make it. Not long after Lucy was born, I had to leave the kittens to take my husband to a doctor’s appointment. It broke my heart to have to leave. I expected to come home and find her not breathing. Much to my joy though, when we returned a couple of hours later, Lucy was dry and happily snuggled next to her brothers nursing. Fiona apparently knew more than I gave her credit for and was taking good care of her new family.

Lucy was the most outgoing of the 3 and loved meeting people who came to visit. She managed to keep up with her rough and tumble big brothers, and at times was more curious and braver than they were. The kittens and Fiona slept in our bedroom on a blanket on the floor. Mornings became a hilarious time. When the kittens realized we were awake, they would start meowing and run for our bed, climb up the side of our bedspread and pop up from the foot of our bed. It was Invasion of the Kittens every morning!

As the kittens grew we began searching for homes for them. We already had a 150 pound dog, Sam, and 3 cats. Six cats was just out of the question. We managed to find a wonderful home for Lucy, but her new new mom had already made some travel plans throughout the summer and asked if we would mind keeping Lucy with us until she was back home. Of course we were more than happy to!

Lucy keeps Mark company

At the time the kittens were born, my husband was seriously ill with a blood infection that eventually required him to have open heart surgery to replace 2 heart valves that were damaged by the bacteria. After being so sick for almost 6 months, my big strong husband looked like a concentration camp survivor. He spent a lot of time resting in his recliner and Lucy loved to sit with him. She seemed to know he didn’t feel well and she did her best to send good energy to him. It was so sweet to see her fuzzy little body curled up in his arms and see him smiling and talking to her while he stroked her fur. She would gaze up at him with her soft, golden eyes. I truly believe she was an important part of his recovery. We will always be grateful that we got to enjoy Lucy in our family for an extra 3 months. It made it harder than ever to let her go because we were so attached to her, but knowing she was going to a wonderful home made it easier. And Lucy’s new mom is a friend of ours, so we get to hear about her regularly. Not surprisingly, she’s as sweet now as she was when she was a kitten.

Fortunately, my husband is not without a kitty to keep him company. Fiona adores him and sends him the same good energy that Lucy did. I guess it runs in the family.

About Grama Sandy

Grama Sandy is Mom to 5 cats and lives in a beautiful home out in the country in Michigan.
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3 Responses to Lucy

  1. Kc says:

    I remember what a difficult time that was for you guys with Mark being so ill. It was just destiny that Lucy got to stay a while longer to be there and take care of him. And so wonderful that Lucy is with a friend so you can see her often.

  2. Kc Cats says:

    Lucy will be missed but not forgotten. She worked her magic on Mark!

  3. Sandy says:

    I’m so sad to say that Lucy passed away on Aug 8th. She died from congestive heart failure at the age of 4. The vet thinks she probably had some kind of heart condition that just never revealed itself. Our deepest sympathy goes out to Lucy’s mom who could not have loved her any better or given her a better home.

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