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We found Callie in the parking lot of our friend’s restaurant on a chilly August morning. My husband and I were heading out for a nice long ride on our Harleys and stopped for breakfast before we got on our way. Our friends told us she had been seen around the parking lot for about 3 or 4 days. Before we left, we called her and she came trotting out of the tall weeds near the pond next to the parking lot. She was a tiny little tortoise shell kitty that was so thin and tired looking that our hearts just melted when we saw her. We already had five cats at home though, and we just couldn’t take on another cat. As we held her thin little body in our arms, she was so happy for the attention. We discovered that she had been declawed on all four of her feet. We both left with heavy hearts and worried about what would happen to her. During our long ride that day, we stopped for lunch. I told my husband I couldn’t stop thinking about that poor kitty. He said he had been thinking of her all day, too. I asked if we could take her home tonight. We both agreed that we couldn’t stand the thought of her spending another cold damp night outside. By the time we got back to the restaurant, it was almost dark. We shut off our bikes and called for her .. she immediately came running to us. I promised her we would be back in a few minutes with the car to take her home with us. We rushed home and drove back for her. Again she came right to us and went in the cat carrier with no hesitation.

Hero to Cats Award

We couldn’t find anyone interested in taking her, so we kept her. We both fell in love with her in no time at all. She was so frail and emaciated when we brought her home. She only weighed 4.5 pounds. Even so, the vet said she seemed to be healthy and she needed some TCL. She was right. We got her weight back to a normal 9 pounds.

She was a sweet girl who seemed to have had a hard life. When we reached out to pet her she ducked her head as if she was trying to avoid being hit. Sometimes she would bite us when we tried to pet her. We gave her a lot of love and affection and eventually she began to trust that we weren’t going to hurt her and began to enjoy the love we wanted to give her.

The Rainbow Bride - Callie

Rainbow Bridge

Sadly, we only had Callie one year. She began to lose weight again very quickly. The vet found a couple of large masses in her abdomen. We tried steroids and some vitamin supplements. They didn’t help her and she grew weaker. At our vet’s suggestion we made the difficult decision to end her suffering. She was a wonderful girl and we will never forget her.

About Grama Sandy

Grama Sandy is Mom to 5 cats and lives in a beautiful home out in the country in Michigan.
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4 Responses to Remembering Callie

  1. dotti says:

    Oh Sandy, I am so sorry that Callie was with you such a short time, but so happy she had you and Mark for that time. She’s not afraid of being struck anymore, and is frolic-ing with the Angels on the other side? Godspeed Callie. You were, and are, much loved…

  2. Kc says:

    I am so glad you had Callie while you did, even if it wasn’t long enough you gave her so much — and she gave you guys so much. Torties are so beautiful, each one so unique. I’m betting Twitch and Callie are up there playing together right now! xoxo

    • Grama Sandy says:

      I like to think Callie is hanging out with Twitch, and Sam, and Hogan, and Pee Wee .. just on the other side of Rainbow Bridge!

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