Shebee goes to the Vet

Friday was Shebee’s big day to go to the Vets. I was very excited but I did have some concerns. I have never found getting a cat into a cat carrier to be an easy feat. We had no idea if Shebee had ever been in a carrier before; had she ever been to the vet? Jenna was going to bring her big carrier over so that would make things lots easier? Then there is the whole problem with knowing where she is when it is time to put her in it! They are indoor/outdoor cats during the daytime so I just had my fingers crossed that everything would work out. At least the appointment was for 10 AM. I had kind of planned to lock them all in the house once they’d had their breakfast and played for a bit.

I was just sitting here checking email when I see Shebee out of the corner of my eye streak by headed for our bedroom and of course she has something in her mouth! You’d be amazed how fast I can move sometimes! She had set her prisoner down on the floor. It was a little sparrow and while it was very afraid it was very much alive — I headed for the red coffee can — I can’t find it! I had used it to move Shebee’s last bird which was NOT alive and I had just dumped the whole thing in the trash. Panic! So I just grabbed the dustpan and went back in. They were just as I had left them so I decided to try and reach down and pick the bird up. Of course this put Shebee in attack mode and the bird is now flying around our bedroom! Shebee is trying to climb the walls to get to it! It was a crazy scene! It landed on top of the blinds so I went and got the step stool from the kitchen. I talked to that little bird and told it that I was just trying to help rescue it from the big black cat and amazingly enough it let me pick it up and take it outside where it immediately flew away.

Bird Award

This certainly seemed like a good opportunity to lock all the cats in the house. Twiggy and Twursula were already in their spots sleeping so they didn’t even notice. Shebee sure did. She just followed me all over the house crying. I thought she wanted out, she may have just wanted her bird back! She finally settled down in the hallway and I went back to my email. A few minutes later I realize it is just too quiet and Shebee is no longer sleeping in the hall. I had left the front room window open about 2 inches and she had pushed the screen out and made her big escape. Now what do I do?

I went out to the front yard and started calling her. Within moments she came galloping across the yard like a little colt. She has the longest legs and she was so glad to see me! She let me scoop her up and take her inside to wait. This time she was a little more patient.

The time came and so did Jenna. Getting Shebee in that carrier was not fun and she was not amused. Fortunately it is just a short trip to the vets and Amara helped us sing to Shebee to try and distract her. Of course once we got to the Vet she didn’t want to come out! She got all of her shots and an exam, too.

Guess what? Shebee is a Hebee! According to Angelos, the vet tech, Shebee is a neutered male about 3 years old, part Maine Coon and a very slender 10.8 pounds. We decided to declare June 23rd, 2008 her his birthday! The vet asked if we wanted to change the name but we are so used to Shebee, plus all the extra tags I ordered, that we would just leave it. I’m not even sure we are going to be able to refer to her as him!

Shebee on the Patio

All day long we sang “Shebee is a Hebee” to a calypso beat! It was a wonderful day!


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  1. Sandy says:

    You definitely are my hero for rescuing the little birds from the cats. xoxo

    Glad to know for sure that Hebee is a healthy boy! I’m sure he will forgive you for treating him as a girl all this time. I don’t think he’s been too confused by it. He looks quite handsome and masculine in his picture above.

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