The Sky is Falling

Twiggy on the counterIt isn’t often that Southern California gets a thunder storm. So it isn’t surprising that even though Twiggy and Twursula will be 6 years old on April 1st, last night was their first experience with thunder and lightning and they were not amused by all the noise and all the flashing light! We only live a few miles from Disneyland and every night around 9:30 we hear the fireworks go off. The cats don’t even seem to notice the noise they make —but they were certainly aware of the thunder.

Twursula is giving us the evil eye from the condoGrampy and I woke to the loud cracks of thunder and the terrified cries of 2 little cats. I got up with them and tried to comfort them. I made sure the doggy door was open so that if Shebee wanted to come inside she could. Twiggy finally came and lay on the bed with us, actually on top of us! Twursula curled up on the floor next to the bed. Every time the thunder would crack they would cry.

Shebee and her beautiful black maneShebee wasn’t in her usual spot on the patio when I opened the doggy door. But she was sitting in the dining room by the food dishes when we got up about an hour later.

None of them are amused by how wet it is outside now. Twursula hates walking across the grass when it’s wet! Twiggy went and sat on the porch after the rain stopped. She wanted to be outside but she wasn’t willing to get wet.

Upside down broken umbrellaIt was one heck of a storm! I found someone’s umbrella that had blown away open and had gotten stuck under the front of my car which was parked in our driveway! Not sure where it came from but I’m not going to bother trying to find the owner. It’s pretty well destroyed. All 3 cats have found places to nap. I haven’t had the heart to tell them there is another storm on the way.

About Kc

Kc is the Mom to 3 cats and lives in sunny Southern California. The Cat Freeway runs through her backyard and brings with it lots of guest cats and the occasional opossum and lizard!
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2 Responses to The Sky is Falling

  1. Grampy says:

    Those are some grumpy looking cats!!! Great pictures.

  2. Sandy says:

    We had a couple of thunderstorms last night too. And two of our cats were crying and upset about the noise. Poor babies!!!

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