Tails by Grama Sandy

Grama Sandy is Mom to 5 cats and lives in a beautiful home out in the country in Michigan.

Special Moments with Fiona

Fiona is definitely Mark’s cat. She not only loves him, she adores him! I am graced with a rub against my leg as she’s passing by me, but she rarely sits on my lap – and if she does it’s … Continue reading

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To Be Free, Or Not To Be Free

I have always pondered the choice some of us have as cat owners, whether to let our cats run and play outside and do all the things cats love to do; or to keep them confined in the house where … Continue reading

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Remembering Callie

We found Callie in the parking lot of our friend’s restaurant on a chilly August morning. My husband and I were heading out for a nice long ride on our Harleys and stopped for breakfast before we got on our … Continue reading

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Gus, the Gentle Hunter

All the cats were outside enjoying a beautiful morning. I decided to go out and work in the flower beds for a while. As I walked from the back of the garage to the flower bed in the back yard, … Continue reading

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Lucy came to us when her mother, Fiona, (who was a stray that adopted us) blessed us with a surprise litter of 3 beautiful kittens, Lucy, Gus, and Jake. I was so blessed to be there to witness their birth … Continue reading

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