Tails of Shebee

Shebee is the original vampire cat because she is black and was only seen at night. A year later Shebee adopted Kc and Grampy — much to Twiggy and Twursula’s dismay. She used to be a stray but now she is family and these are her tails.

How to Eat Frog Legs

There are so many different kinds of cats and I don’t mean different breeds. There are the cats that drool the vocal cats the cats that don’t like the litter box the cats that drink water out of the sink … Continue reading

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Shebee goes to the Vet

Friday was Shebee’s big day to go to the Vets. I was very excited but I did have some concerns. I have never found getting a cat into a cat carrier to be an easy feat. We had no idea … Continue reading

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Breakfast with the Kitties

A few weeks ago we put a pretty red new collar on Shebee in hopes of giving the birds in the neighborhood a better chance. A couple of days later her new red heart tag with her name and our … Continue reading

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Giving Peace a Chance

Twiggy and Shebee are really starting to get along. I have caught them bird hunting together and out in the backyard playing. In the evenings Shebee will come and lay down near Twiggy and you can tell that she just … Continue reading

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Today’s Gift

This morning Jenna came by to take me to the grocery store with her and as we were leaving we noticed Shebee, wearing her beautiful new red collar, seemed to be stalking something in the yard. I walked over to … Continue reading

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