Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween from Headless URI

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Capturing Time

Capturing TIme

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Twiggy and her Magic Act

Cats really are so entertaining. I’ve told you before that Twiggy often channels Harry Houdini. She can get a collar off quicker than any cat I have ever known but I’ve told you this before!

So a few weeks ago Twiggy turned up naked again! No collar to be found. That blue one with the Twursula tag on it had actually lasted longer than most. She loved taking it off to entertain us or to try and wake us up in the morning when we try and sleep past 6 AM but she had been keeping it on when she traveled.

So when she showed up naked I put on a new collar and a tag that actually said "Twiggy". Grampy thinks it’s just wrong that Twiggy wears a leopard skin collar! It was only a couple of days before I found it on the bedroom floor when we got up. Nothing had changed. She could get it off at will. Then the other evening we were watching the news and I sat there and watched her take both front paws and push and pull on that thing until she got it off! (I always use the break away collars just to be safe.) She didn’t use her back foot to do it. She was so proud of herself! She threw it the air. She swung it around and threw it behind the chair leg so she could attack it! Then ignore it. Then attack it again. It was hysterical. I couldn’t get up to get the camera or the game would have come to an end.

Twiggy sitting on the patio roof

Here is she is sitting up on the patio roof looking beautiful. I wonder if we got a ladder and went up on the roof just what we might find?


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Piecrusts 101

Some time back I went to Mom’s for a class … Piecrusts 101. They turned out soooo good! I made another one when I got home to help me remember everything she showed me. So now I had these 3 piecrusts. One was for a lemon meringue pie for my friend and I to eat on our trip that weekend (I know … we’re little pigs); another was for a lemon meringue pie for Mark’s friend; and the 3rd was for a chocolate cream pie for my Markie. I made the first lemon meringue pie last night and we were going to take it over to our friend when we went out later. I left it on the counter to cool and left the kitchen to do something. I came back a couple minutes later and found Fiona on the counter with her face in the middle of the pie!!! I about gave her a heart attack screaming, “FIONA!” at her. So here is my beautiful pie with about a 2″ hole in the middle of the meringue. Actually, it was pretty funny. So, rather than our friend getting a pie, Mark got one. I made the one for my friend and I this morning. It turned out so pretty.

Sandy's Lemon Meringue Pie

I’m so excited that I can make my own piecrusts now!

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Thunderbolts and Lightning
Very Very Frightening

We recently got some very unexpected and very loud thunderstorms! Southern California rarely get any thunderstorms. I grew up in Michigan and I love and miss them. The storm started around 7:30 AM while Grampy and I were watching our morning news. They even broke into the cable broadcast with a weather alert for severe thunderstorms and the chance of hail. We never got any of the hail but we sure got plenty of the thunder.

What makes this story so funny is that we live within hearing distance of Disneyland. We hear the fireworks every night at about 9:30 and the cats are completely oblivious to the noise. But when that first clap of thunder hit that morning Twiggy went tail tucked running to get under Amara’s bed. Twursula was just pacing the house crying. It was so pathetic and you couldn’t comfort her. Within minutes it starts raining and I’m closing the sliding glass door to the patio when here comes Shebee, who seems totally unaware of any storm, and she has a bird in her mouth! I wouldn’t let her in (because of the bird) and she didn’t care. She played with that bird for 10 minutes or so throwing it up in the air while Twiggy still hid and Twursula still cried! And then she somehow got the doggy door open and in she burst with her bird! I guess I hadn’t put the panel all the way in the doggy door and she pushed it up and out of her way. I grabbed Shebee and Grampy grabbed the bird and it is alive! He took the bird out front while I securely locked the doggy door with everyone inside and he let it go. I am so glad we were here to intervene.

Later that morning Rich caught Twursula on video when he was jumping rope. It had stopped thundering and raining so he had gone out. You can see Twursula come out the doggy door very hesitantly and get about 2 feet when thunder loudly cracks again. She heads back inside so fast!

You have to wonder why the noise bothers some cats and dogs and not others.

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