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The Ugly Opossums on the Cat Freeway

There is a lot of traffic on the Cat Freeway and we get lots of visitors! Remember that orange tree I mentioned? It also attracts opossums. They have beady little eyes and long whiskers and you can hear their nails … Continue reading

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Cat crash lands in Hawaii

OK, so that may be a bit of stretch but something happened! We love plumerias. We name them just like we name the stray cats. You have to call them something. We have a new small one in the back … Continue reading

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Two Laps for Two Cats

After the whole episode with Cleo and Root Beer, a story for another day, we had decided that two laps meant only two cats and those two cats were Twiggy and Twursula. Then came Sheba. Sheba is our vampire cat. … Continue reading

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Cats on the Freeway

We have a beautiful block wall fence that runs across our backyard and along one side of the house. Until a few years ago the fence was a rather rickety wooden one. Even so it was one of the fun … Continue reading

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