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Being Stylist to the Cats

For me the problem started this spring when Twiggy and Twursula started shedding their winter coats. I would often groom them when they were sitting on the kitty condo. The problem with doing it there was I didn’t have a … Continue reading

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Giving Peace a Chance

Twiggy and Shebee are really starting to get along. I have caught them bird hunting together and out in the backyard playing. In the evenings Shebee will come and lay down near Twiggy and you can tell that she just … Continue reading

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Freeway Update

Usually when I glance out at the Cat Freeway I will see a familiar cat. It isn’t often that I see a new cat in the neighborhood. So when I thought I saw a brown cat on the freeway I … Continue reading

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Why is there a cat on my head?

Remember when I told you that we had decided to start keeping Twiggy and Twursula in the house at night? And keeping Shebee outside? Well, I bet you are wondering how that is working out for us. Let me just … Continue reading

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Two Laps for Two Cats

After the whole episode with Cleo and Root Beer, a story for another day, we had decided that two laps meant only two cats and those two cats were Twiggy and Twursula. Then came Sheba. Sheba is our vampire cat. … Continue reading

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