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Harley and the Art of Kitty Yoga

One of Harley’s most entertaining tricks is what we’ve named kitty yoga. He begins by chasing his tail, then falls on his back and digs his rear toenails into the carpet to steady himself. At this point his hind legs … Continue reading

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Giving Peace a Chance

Twiggy and Shebee are really starting to get along. I have caught them bird hunting together and out in the backyard playing. In the evenings Shebee will come and lay down near Twiggy and you can tell that she just … Continue reading

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Kamikaze Ozzy

Ozzy came to us when we found him at a friend’s restaurant hanging around the back door and roaming through the parking lot. He appeared to be about three months old. He was so beautiful with pure white fur and … Continue reading

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When is a Harley not a Motorcycle?

I have always loved orange tiger cats and wanted to have one in the worst way. A few years ago a friend had a surprise litter of kittens. One was an adorable little orange tiger boy. My husband, who is … Continue reading

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Today’s Gift

This morning Jenna came by to take me to the grocery store with her and as we were leaving we noticed Shebee, wearing her beautiful new red collar, seemed to be stalking something in the yard. I walked over to … Continue reading

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