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Lucy came to us when her mother, Fiona, (who was a stray that adopted us) blessed us with a surprise litter of 3 beautiful kittens, Lucy, Gus, and Jake. I was so blessed to be there to witness their birth … Continue reading

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Shebee goes to the Vet

Friday was Shebee’s big day to go to the Vets. I was very excited but I did have some concerns. I have never found getting a cat into a cat carrier to be an easy feat. We had no idea … Continue reading

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Where’s Jake?

Now You See Me! Now You Don’t!

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Jake’s Hijinks

Jake is the son of our cat, Fiona, and his brother, Gus is also a member of our family. Jake is three years old now and he was born early in the morning on a cold March day in our … Continue reading

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The Joint was a Hoppin’

The other day Twursula came bursting through the doggy door and she had something in her mouth! After Shebee getting 3 birds last week I may have panicked and started screaming to Hubby “She’s got something! She’s got something! Get … Continue reading

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