Twursula Meets Mothra

Sleeping is what Twursula does best. Amara’s bed is usually her favorite place to sleep but like all cats the sleeping place varies a little bit. The important thing to understand is that Twursula loves to sleep.


Twursula outside on the patioOn those rare occasions when Twursula does get up and go outside you might find her relaxing on the weight bench…


Doesn't she look like she is on an island?…Or out lounging under Hawaii, my little plumeria.


Twursula on the fenceOr she might be chillin’ on the Cat Freeway. Maybe even napping. Twursula does love to nap.

The other evening Twursula came blasting through the doggy door and headed for the front room. Grampy and I were confused. She never moves at that speed unless it is something important. So we followed her into the front room to find out just what she was up to.

MothraThis is Mothra and this is what Twursula was up to! She brought it into the front room, left in by the chair and headed for her nap. It wasn’t flapping it’s wings anymore! She was bored, might as well sleep! Besides battling Mothra takes a lot of energy.


Twursula Sleeping

Yep, definitely need a nap.

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Kc is the Mom to 3 cats and lives in sunny Southern California. The Cat Freeway runs through her backyard and brings with it lots of guest cats and the occasional opossum and lizard!
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3 Responses to Twursula Meets Mothra

  1. dotti says:

    Hahahahahahaha, Twursula is a might Mothra hunter? Finally back in Pa ~ Hope all is well at your home!

  2. Sandy says:

    What a prize she got. It was nice of her to leave it for you and not eat it, thinking only of herself!! LOL That thing was big!! No wonder she needed a nap!

  3. Amara B says:

    my cat got a mothra once

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