Where’s Twiggy?

The other day Twursula seemed to be very distressed. She was pacing the hall crying and crying. She was freaking out from all the noise out in front of our house. The city was getting ready to resurface the street the next day and they were doing all the preparations. This meant lots of loud trucks and strange noises. Twursula doesn’t like loud or strange. After 6 years she still hides from the lawn guys and the trash trucks. We live on a very quiet cul-de-sac and Twursula likes it that way. Twursula likes quiet. So when she started crying and carrying on Grampy scooped her up and was giving her lots of extra love, trying to make her feel safe and secure. He carried her into our room, away from the noise and says “I don’t know where Twiggy is”.

And then we both see this little lump in the middle of our neatly made bed. Twiggy had crawled under the covers to hide from the noise of the trucks! It was so cute! There was no doubt that was why she was hiding either. She came out for a few moments and looked around and went right back under!

Our girls don’t like noise.

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Kc is the Mom to 3 cats and lives in sunny Southern California. The Cat Freeway runs through her backyard and brings with it lots of guest cats and the occasional opossum and lizard!
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  1. Sandy says:

    Poor girls!! Hopefully things will get back to normal quickly and they can relax again!

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