Tails of Gus

Gus is Grama Sandy’s 17 pound tiger. He is the son of Fiona and the brother of Lucy and Jake. Gus is a wonderful hunter but his adventures got him stuck up in a tree and now confined to his home where he and the rest of the cats are safe. These are his tails.

My Shadow Named Gus

We currently have five kitties that I love with all my heart. I know I’m not supposed to have favorites, but I have no control over this. Gus and I have a bond that is very special. I was there … Continue reading

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To Be Free, Or Not To Be Free

I have always pondered the choice some of us have as cat owners, whether to let our cats run and play outside and do all the things cats love to do; or to keep them confined in the house where … Continue reading

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Gus, the Gentle Hunter

All the cats were outside enjoying a beautiful morning. I decided to go out and work in the flower beds for a while. As I walked from the back of the garage to the flower bed in the back yard, … Continue reading

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Then there was Gus

Gus’ mother, Fiona, was a wild cat that came to our yard. We managed to gain her love and trust and she blessed us with some kittens. I was so lucky to have been there when they were born. Our … Continue reading

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