Tails of Harley

Harley is Sandy’s orange tiger and the cat she always dreamed of having. Harley was the first of many cats to come and was aptly named after Sandy and Mark’s favorite activity — riding Harley Davidson motorcycles. These are here is tails.

Harley and the Art of Kitty Yoga

One of Harley’s most entertaining tricks is what we’ve named kitty yoga. He begins by chasing his tail, then falls on his back and digs his rear toenails into the carpet to steady himself. At this point his hind legs … Continue reading

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When is a Harley not a Motorcycle?

I have always loved orange tiger cats and wanted to have one in the worst way. A few years ago a friend had a surprise litter of kittens. One was an adorable little orange tiger boy. My husband, who is … Continue reading

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