Tails of Twursula

Twursula is Twiggy’s sister and a beautiful 6 year old calico. Kc and Grampy adopted her them when they were 8 weeks old. Twursula has very long butterscotch, gray and white fur. She could be a model for stuffed kittens as she is so soft and just loves to be petted. While Twiggy is a tomboy, Twursula is a Princess and these are her tails.

Twursula vs Exercising

Twursula is always stealing the camera. My grandpa does videos about exercising and she always roles and goes on her back and distracts us.

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Twursula on the Cat Freeway

It is definitely springtime. The orange tree has blossoms, the flowers are poking up out of the ground and Twursula is up from her nap and is playing on the Cat Freeway.

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Where’s Twiggy?

The other day Twursula seemed to be very distressed. She was pacing the hall crying and crying. She was freaking out from all the noise out in front of our house. The city was getting ready to resurface the street … Continue reading

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Twursula Meets Mothra

Sleeping is what Twursula does best. Amara’s bed is usually her favorite place to sleep but like all cats the sleeping place varies a little bit. The important thing to understand is that Twursula loves to sleep.   On those … Continue reading

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The Faucet, The Shower and The Bathtub

I read somewhere recently that cats don’t drink much water. That sure isn’t true of Twiggy and Twursula. Or is it that they just like controlling us and making us do their bidding? Twursula loves drinking running water out of … Continue reading

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