Tails of Twursula

Twursula is Twiggy’s sister and a beautiful 6 year old calico. Kc and Grampy adopted her them when they were 8 weeks old. Twursula has very long butterscotch, gray and white fur. She could be a model for stuffed kittens as she is so soft and just loves to be petted. While Twiggy is a tomboy, Twursula is a Princess and these are her tails.

The Joint was a Hoppin’

The other day Twursula came bursting through the doggy door and she had something in her mouth! After Shebee getting 3 birds last week I may have panicked and started screaming to Hubby “She’s got something! She’s got something! Get … Continue reading

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How to Attack a Coke Box

You know how parents always say that the best toys for babies aren’t the ones you buy but are things you have around the house? Like a pot and a wooden spoon. I think its the same way with cats … Continue reading

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The Sky is Falling

It isn’t often that Southern California gets a thunder storm. So it isn’t surprising that even though Twiggy and Twursula will be 6 years old on April 1st, last night was their first experience with thunder and lightning and they … Continue reading

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Why is there a cat on my head?

Remember when I told you that we had decided to start keeping Twiggy and Twursula in the house at night? And keeping Shebee outside? Well, I bet you are wondering how that is working out for us. Let me just … Continue reading

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Road Rage on the Cat Freeway

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen and I love looking out at the Cat Freeway to see what is going on or who has come to visit. Twursula loves sitting on the Freeway during rush hour. You … Continue reading

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